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Contrasting the Unlikely with the Miraculous!

Read: Jeremiah 32:1-44


In 2020, I lost my wallet. There was approximately $50 in it at the time and several cards. We looked everywhere in the house. Even in places that we "knew" it couldn't possibly be. Such as the refrigerator. Don't ask. My friend searched her vehicle more than one time, and I even called the places where we had shopped in case I had dropped it in one of those stores. The lost was not found. I must confess that even now, four years later, I still, once in a while, look behind or under something just in case I missed it the other fifty times, because who can say? Sometimes, we read of lost things being found decades later, and after the finder's having searched, the lost item is returned to its original owner. That's very unlikely in this case, but if it were to occur, it wouldn't be a miracle; so, with that in mind, let's look at a miracle and the only One Who can both predict and bring about truly miraculous events. Almighty God.


In Jeremiah 32:1-44, we jump into Israel's history. Their king, Zedekiah, had put the prophet Jeremiah under arrest because of Jeremiah's bold proclamation that Israel would go into captivity and that God would deal with the king. Sadly, rather than listen to the Word of the Lord, the king chose to oppose the Lord's prophet. Now, here comes the good part. Jeremiah had been told that although captivity was coming for his people, their removal from their land would not be permanent. The people would return. They would continue to be a nation. How would God show them that this was so? The Lord commanded Jeremiah to buy land and place the deed in a container that would keep it safe for a long time. It makes no sense to make a land purchase when your people will be forced out and many killed. Unless you serve a miracle working God Who is able to not only discipline His people for their idolatry but also bring them back home again.


There are two verses that are especially beautiful in this chapter, Jeremiah 32:17 and Jeremiah 32:27. Let's look at them one at a time.


First of all, Jeremiah says in verse 17 that there is nothing too hard for God. Talk might be cheap, but truth is precious; so, Jeremiah backs up this statement with bombshell truth. God Himself made the heavens and the earth. With that on Your resume, everything else is small. Right now, we are enjoying lovely peonies. Big and fluffy. They are, of course, merely a minuscule part of God's creation, but they are a reminder of His unfathomable wisdom, creativity, and power that is on display outside our windows. Wherever we live, there are glimpses of His ever-changing handiwork. Jeremiah goes on to build on this thought in the next few verses. Not only is the Lord Creator, He also knows the thoughts of each person, and He is Commander of heaven's armies. No wonder God can carry out His promises to Israel and His promises to us. Jeremiah knew that, and the deed he put aside for safe keeping was not left unclaimed in God's time.


Second, in Jeremiah 32:27we read God's response. He echoed Jeremiah's words. Calling Himself the God of all flesh and asking if there is anything too difficult for Him. The expected and truthful answer is a resounding no. His words concerning what would happen to His people were strong and certain. The city would be burned. Destruction was going to occur because of Israel's idolatry which included the sacrificing of their children to curry favor with false gods. Verse 33 states the sad fact that the people had turned their backs on God. They were not listening to Him. However, though God's chastisement was certain, God said that He would surely bring His people back home. God would do the miraculous. His predicted judgment would come about, and His restoration would bring His people back to their land. Not only one time, but a second time as well, Jeremiah 32:38-41.  Truly nothing is too difficult for the One Who is both Creator and Sustainer, Hebrews 11:3; Psalm 33:6; Psalm 33:9; Colossians 1:16-17.


Most everyone who belongs to Jesus longs for a miracle as vast as the one Jeremiah predicted. The salvation of ones we love. Each time a person admits his helplessness to save himself, turns from his sins and receives Jesus' finished work on the cross on his behalf, a miracle occurs. The Bible speaks of it as being born again, John 3:3. It is truly a transformation that only God can do, and it is miraculous. One of the most precious truths concerning Jesus--among so many--is Luke 19:10. Jesus' own words in this verse state that He came to both seek and save those who are lost. To be lost biblically speaking is to have no possibility of being found unless we receive the gift of grace Jesus offers, Ephesians 2:8-9.


Lord, Jeremiah reminds us that there is no person or circumstance that is too difficult for You to impact. As we think of what You promised the prophet, let it be a reminder that You are the same today. You are the seeking Savior Who still does the miraculous which is so much greater than merely doing the unlikely.





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