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Truth. It is Sweeter than even the Cherry Blossoms!

Read: Psalm 102:25-27; Matthew 24:35; Colossians 4:4-5; Genesis 3:15; John 15:1-5


It is almost spring, and though there are no flowers blooming here in my yard, in Washington D.C., they are getting ready to, once again view God's beauty as the cherry blossoms, called Sakura in Japan, open. At the time of this writing the blossoms are in the puffy white stage which means that next week will be the peak time for their lovely pink flowers to open. Although the blossoms don't remain long on the trees, after they fall, they form a beautiful pink carpet. More enjoyment for those who come to view them.


No wonder Romans 1 reminds us that man, who is able to see God's amazing creation wherever he looks, is without excuse. Whether man observes the order and beauty displayed in the sky or the majestic wonder of a waterfall or the loveliness of the delicate cherry blossoms, God calls out to each person in his own language through the display of His wondrous works, Psalm 104:24; Romans 1:18-20.


So, for today, what if we use the cherry blossoms and pull out a few truth pictures from them.


1. In Japan, the Sakura are a reminder of impermanence because they are so short lived. Their beauty remains for such a short time and then it is gone. The Bible is filled with this same reminder with an important truth added on. God is eternal, and He never changes. In Psalm 102:25-27, the psalmist compares all that God has created to the Creator Himself. All that has been made with all its beauty will fade away or come to nothing. Peter says the same thing in 2 Peter 3:10-13. He reminds us that all that we enjoy here on earth is merely a temporary gift. Because He will one day make all things wonderfully new, our lives should be centered around honoring Him. James paints the same picture using the imagery of fading flowers to speak of this world's riches, James 1:10-11. Yet God is different. He never changes. He remains the same. Matthew

24:35 states emphatically that although heaven and earth will pass away, God's Word, which is settled in heaven, Psalm 119:89, will never pass away. That means that not one of His promises will fade away like a spent flower. All that He has purposed will come to pass, Psalm 115:3, whether we see its fulfillment here or in His kingdom. The frailty of the cherry blossom contrasted with the eternality of God is a powerful truth picture. Truth that is meant to remind us to praise and honor the unchanging God Who fashioned all that we see, Psalm 119:90-91; Genesis 1:1. He is the One Who gives good gifts, James 1:17. Gifts that are merely a foretaste of what He has in store for His born-again children, John 3:3; 1 Corinthians 2:9.


2. The fragrance of the cherry blossom gives us another truth reminder. I wondered about the scent of cherry blossoms. In fact, I didn't even know whether or not these beauties have a fragrant at all.  From what I gleaned from the description of the scent, the flowers have a light fragrance which has overtones of vanilla and almond. It is not overpowering, but the fragrance is said to be subtle and without any of its components having a "sharp edge" to them. It sounds lovely Colossians 4:5-6; 2 Timothy 2:23-26 and refreshing. That description paints a picture in my mind right out of. In these verses, we are reminded to be winsome as we interact with others, especially those who don't yet belong to Jesus. No, that sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit does not guarantee that we will gain a listening ear every time we speak. Yet, a humble and gracious demeanor might be the door that God uses to allow His truth an entrance into someone's life. Best of all, God is honored when it is His fragrance that pours out through our lives into the lives of others.



After these truth challenges, what if we turn a corner in order to receive a truth reminder not from cherry blossoms in general but from one specific tree in Washington D.C. The tree called "Stumpy." Because of the deterioration of the seawalls, this famous tree, along with more than 200 others will be removed so that 6,800 feet of seawall can be replaced and set in bedrock. The trees that are taken out will be turned into mulch which will, one day, be used to strengthen and nourish new trees. Stumpy is renowned because its trunk is rotting and it is short and appears unable to produce blossoms. In 2020, someone posted on Reddit that it was as dead as was the author's love life.

Even so, as unattractive as stumpy might look, the little tree still produces flowers. People often look at it and receive hope that their lives too might be resilient. Even though what is seen seems to give the appearance that no blossoming will ever occur.


The Bible is filled from Genesis to Revelation with truth reminders far greater than that pictured by a rotting tree that produces flowers. In Genesis 3, death entered into God's pristine world with all of its accompanying ugliness. Yet, God didn't leave either our first parents or us without hope. Instead, in Genesis 3:15, we received the first glimpse of the Living Hope, Jesus. He would reverse the curse that had had brought rottenness into the world. This same Savior would make people new creations, 2 Corinthians 5:17. He would make alive people who were dead in their sins, Ephesians 2:1-9. There's more! God does even more in and through us once we are part of His family, John 1:11-12. As we remain close to Him like a branch that depends upon a vine, the Lord produces through our lives, fruit that is eternal, John 15:1-5. Not flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow. No, a fruitful life is what Jesus offers us. A life that makes an eternal difference.


God's truth! So much sweeter than even the cherry blossoms!

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