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Simply Hold Out Your Hall Pass!

Sometimes, I like to consider what it might have been like for Adam and Eve to have walked with God in the cool of the day, Genesis 3:8. Did they thank the Creator for His wonderful creatures and their antics or happily speak of their love for one another? Surely, there is no way to know, but we who belong to Jesus will one day see Him as He is, 1 John 3:1-3, and we will enjoy sweet fellowship with our Creator/Redeemer in a beautiful and as of yet incomprehensible way, Revelation 21:3; Revelation 22:3-4. Even so, I admit that I would love to hear Jesus audibly speaking to me in the here and now. Yet, I shouldn’t forget that His Word that we have is as powerful, sweet and encouraging as it would be if I were to be listening to the Savior across the table. Could I use a small example from when we were back in school? I know, back when the earth was young?

I don’t know if it is the same everywhere, but when it was time to be in class, we couldn’t simply walk the halls. If we needed to be somewhere, other than our assigned classes, we needed to have a hall pass, signed by the teacher who expected us to be in a different place than our classroom. If we were stopped, even by the principal, it was no problem, as long as we held out the duly signed hall pass. The word and signature of that teacher carried the same authority as if he had been walking alongside of us when we were questioned about why we were not in our classroom.

In our scripture reading for today in John 4:46-54, We meet a nobleman, who actually spoke face to face with Jesus. He had come to the Lord with an urgent request. His son was close to death, and who knew? After his journey from Capernaum which most likely took about a day, his son might have already died. In his thinking, it was imperative that Jesus come at once with him. He knew if they were on time, Jesus would be able to make his son well. Aren’t the miracles of Jesus interesting? Sometimes, the Messiah went with the one Who asked, and then there was a time like this one. His words were direct, even sounding stern. Whatever else was in the Savior’s mind, one thing was certain. He wanted the nobleman to know that He didn’t have to touch or even be present with his dying son for healing to occur. It was simply necessary for His will to be known about the father’s situation. Jesus was clear. His son was alive and well. So, armed with the “hall pass signed by Jesus”, the nobleman began his trip home. Can you imagine the joy of receiving his servant’s report that his son had been healed at the exact time of Jesus’ promise to him? How beautiful to see that taking Jesus at His Word brought not only physical restoration but also the miracle of new birth, John 3:3. This household was forever changed. Each time we read truth in the Bible it is like a hall pass signed by God. When it speaks contrary to the world’s point of view, we have the choice as to whether we will simply hold it out. When there is a promise to us that we can’t imagine being fulfilled, we can remember Who has “signed the pass”, Romans 11:33-36; Luke 1:37; Numbers 23:19. When someone questions the authority of the Word we hold out, we can speak of His proven reliability, Isaiah 46:9-10.

Lord, thank You for Your Word which stands forever, Isaiah 40:6-8; Psalm 119:89. Help us to not only rest in what You say, but also hold it out to others. Help us to remember that Your Word will accomplish what You desire, Isaiah 55:10-11.

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