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Read: Psalm 19:1-6; Psalm 8:3-4; Jeremiah 5:22

When you hear the term recalculating, what comes to mind? Is it a time when you missed a turn and GPS directed you differently to compensate for it? Well today, I'm recalculating. No, not in a vehicle but I'm redirecting this devotion.

At the end of last week's writing, I fully intended to piggyback off the ideas I shared and talk about the way Jesus washes us with His word day by day, but a conversation that I had this week led me to change course. I was speaking with a loved one who doesn't yet belong to the Savior. The conversation spun, as often is the case, to a variety of subjects. Everything from food to sports. Then he asked me if I had seen the interview William Shatner gave after having returned from his short trip into space. I told him that I hadn't, and he urged me to watch it if time permitted. This morning, I decided I would take the time to do so. I wanted to know why he was so moved by what William Shatner had said, and I hoped knowing what was said in the interview might someday be a bridge between my loved one and myself.

One thing is surely true. William Shatner was very emotional about the view he saw from above the earth. He described the beautiful blue of the earth and how fragile it looked. He was awed by the color and then the stark blackness of space. He said that we are surrounded by a protective blanket. He noted that Mars doesn't have it and that the thin atmosphere that surrounds our planet is unique and also fragile. I wondered about William Shatner's beliefs concerning God after I read his remarks. I discovered that he calls himself an animist and refers to himself as being spiritual. I wondered about my loved one and how I might piggyback off William Shatner's remarks in order to share what the Bible says about the earth and the amazing way God's hand is seen in creation. I would like to practice this by writing a letter that will never be delivered. The recipient? William Shatner:

Dear Mr. Shatner,

What an amazing opportunity you were given by Jeff Bezos. I could tell from your interview that you appreciated the once-in-a-lifetime experience you had. Right at the beginning, I want to let you know that I believe that a personal God created the earth with all of the beauty you saw. I also believe that this same God created the vastness of space which goes out so much further than any people have ever gone.

I loved the way you were so awed by the fragile beauty of the earth and how unique it truly is. That amazes me too and reminds me that our home here has been made for our enjoyment and sustenance. As you well know, we don't have to wear any special equipment to breathe here, and the temperature here isn't hostile to life. Could anyone but Almighty God make a planet with such precision as we see here on earth?

You spoke about your desire that everyone would see the amazing sights you saw. Did you know that God also wants everyone to look in awe at the beauty He has created?

Did you know that someday people from every ethnic group and nation will joyfully be together worshiping Him? Did you know that the beauty you so enjoyed was meant to be a billboard which announces His existence each time man views it? He longs for people to know about His awesomeness as they look up at the sky and observe all that He has made.

Sir, I know that you fear for the earth because the atmosphere seems to fragile to you. Did you know that the Bible states that God is holding His creation together until the day when all that we see will be dissolved? However, that won't be the end. Just as God made the heavens and earth, He will create new heavens and a new earth where righteousness will reign. Even so, we should be good stewards of this earth that God has made, but we don't have to worry. We will not be the cause of its destruction. God has promised, and He always keeps every promise.

Mr. Shatner, I don't know a great deal about animism except that you most likely believe that spirits can live in plants and animals. Did you know that the Bible says that the Holy Spirit, Who is God, will come to live in and through us if we will admit our sins and accept the salvation that He alone can give? He holds this precious gift out only to human beings. He is holding it out to you, Sir.

Mr. Shatner, I'm glad for the awe and joy you experienced a few days ago. My prayer is that it will be a springboard that God will use to make Himself known to you. Some of what I have written might seem strange to you, and very different than what you hold to be true. You might wonder why Christians want to tell others what they believe. That's a fair question, and its answer is simple. God wants everyone to know about His love and how to receive it. The strange thing is that He has chosen to, on occasion, use unknown people like me to be His spokesmen.

Thank you for even reading this. I believe what has been written in the Bible, and I would consider it a privilege to talk with you if you would like to do so.



It is surely different when we have a back and forth with a loved one. There is give and take. Even so, maybe writing even a pretend letter will help me think of little ways to build a bridge if the time to do so presents itself with my loved one. In any case, what an awesome God we have. This truly is my Father's world, and may both my loved one and William Shatner come to know His love for them.

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