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No one Would do That!

Read: John 9:1-11; John 9:35-38

‘But wait. There's more!’ How many times have we heard that catchphrase during a commercial for something that can be ours for $19.95? The initial offer is only the beginning. At least, according to the fast-talking announcer. The company will be happy to sweeten the deal. If only we call in the next five minutes, and they will also pay for the shipping and handling and add a second item. Those offers usually make me laugh as I ponder the strings that might very well be attached or the possible less than stellar quality of the item being offered. In truth, the quality of an offer depends upon the ability and integrity of the one who has made it. With man, we might not be certain concerning what is held out; however, with God, there is no doubt that every gift He holds out is good, James 1:17.

In John 9, Jesus gave the man born blind two wondrous gifts. He received both physical and spiritual sight. If we too have received Jesus as our personal Savior, we can rejoice with this man when we read that Jesus found him and made Himself known to him, John 9:35-38. That is the same thing that the Lord did for us. He found us and then made our need for a Savior clear to us, but wait. There's more that He is holding out to us. It isn't a scam or something offered with a bunch of strings attached. It is part of His gift of forgiveness, and Jesus wants us to rest in the freedom He has provided. It is cleansing from guilt and shame.

Have you ever heard anyone lament that God has forgiven them, but they still don't feel clean? Often, they say that they struggle to forgive themselves. There is sweet provision for them, Isaiah 61:10; Psalm 32:1-2, but perhaps they don't feel worthy of receiving it. With gentleness and respect I ask this question. ‘Is there any other gift or provision that Jesus freely offers that we receive only in part?’ It would never happen, but let's look back at the man born blind for an example of receiving only a bit of what Jesus has provided for us. Can you imagine the joy this man must have felt when he opened his eyes after washing in Siloam and saw for the first time? How did sunlight or clouds look to him? What did people or buildings look like. What about colors? But wait. What if he felt unworthy of Jesus' provision of healing? When something was especially beautiful such as a brilliant sunrise or sunset, would he turn away or close his eyes? What if he was offered the opportunity to learn to read? Would he deem that he could enjoy only the basics of his new sight and no more? I know. No one would do that. Instead, wouldn't anyone whom Jesus touched revel in the joy and freedom he experienced?

Again, I ask this with gentleness and respect. ‘Was the man born blind worthy of Jesus double blessing of healing and salvation?’ No, neither he nor his parents sinned causing his blindness; however, like each of us, he was a sinner. Yet, he was given two gifts to enjoy. Gifts. The word rings with the meaning that they came to him not because of his being deserving but the benevolence of the Giver. Since they weren't earned, neither he nor we need worry that we aren't worthy. Instead, the Lord wants us to enjoy the complete fullness of all of His provision, including forgiveness. He alone is the worthy One Whose death and resurrection opened the storehouse for us, and His integrity and power to provide all He has promised is without limits.

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