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Wait Until We See The Prequels!

Read Romans 11:33-36

I have read many of Karen Kingsbury's books. She writes with warmth and sensitivity, treating even very difficult subjects with care. Though her characters are fictional, she loves to paint pictures with her words concerning how God patiently makes Himself known to them. One of her series of books involves the Baxter family, and this week, I read LOVE STORY, a prequel that goes back into the years before the first series on this family was ever written. I love the way some blanks were filled in, and it was fun to get to know this family a bit better because of the details that were revealed. This brings many questions to my mind.

If It is interesting to learn more about fictional characters from a series, how much more wondrous will it be to see how the Lord was at work when He was watching over our development, even before anyone knew we were growing within our mothers, Psalm 139:13-16? Since He so scrupulously knitted us together with purpose, will we someday see how He wondrously used even what we consider to be flaws to bring honor to Himself? How was He at work in the generations that preceded us so that He could use our lives as He saw fit? How many circumstances and people did He use as He was wooing us to Himself, Jeremiah 31:3? How many people along the way as we grew up did the Lord use to help us develop the skills He knew we would need to accomplish His purposes in our lives, Ephesians 2:10? The questions are limitless, and God's work unfathomable, Romans 11:33-36.

In my own life, this week I remembered Mrs. Kopek. When I was seven years old, she was the one who taught me to type. For many years, I couldn't figure out why my parents wanted me to learn that skill. Now I know at least a little of the answer, and I'm glad Mrs. Kopek was so good at what she did. That's such a tiny detail that God was overseeing in my life, even when I didn't know Him. Imagine when we see the prequels! How we will honor God for His wondrous work throughout the centuries. What joy there will be as we see how His love and grace are in everyone's prequel.

I wonder how blown away we will be when God begins to fill in the blanks for us, some which we didn't even know existed. How joyful we will be when He shows how our tears were part of an unimaginably grand story. Imagine all there will be to discover because the One Who has oversight in our lives is our Creator/Redeemer. He is the One Who chose us before He made the world, Ephesians 1:4. As the Lord unfolds the picture that we couldn't see here on earth, there is no doubt that we will stand in awe of Him more and more.

Last Sunday, one of our precious church friends Karen, went home to be with the Savior she loves. Today we celebrated her life. What a joy it was to listen to the stories of the lives that were affected by this dear one because of the work of the Holy Spirit Who poured out through her, John 7:37-39. I can't help but wonder if Jesus has begun to show her some of the wondrous things He did on her behalf and through her while we had the joy of walking with her? We thank the Lord that He allowed us to know Karen, and it is our prayer, as it was Karen's that all who love her will receive Jesus as Savior as she did, John 1:12-13. She prayed diligently for that to happen, and who can say? Perhaps the Lord will add more changed lives to Karen's story in answer to the prayers she prayed while she was with us. We'll have to wait until we see the prequel.

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