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Anyone Want A Raspberry Sundae?

Read Genesis 3:8; Mark 6:30-31

Today, October 13 is the anniversary of my Father's death. Thinking of that fact reminded me, once again of a bitter-sweet memory from so many years ago. May I explain? I was in my early teens, and my Mother was dealing with terminal cancer. Many emotions are a part of these kinds of circumstances, and people deal with the swirl of them very differently. There was one special thing that really helped me. Sometimes in the evening, my Father and I would get in the car and get an ice cream sundae and drive around for a very short time. I can still feel the silky vanilla ice cream in my mouth and taste the flavor of the raspberries or sometimes cherries or even marshmallow toppings. What is interesting is that I don't really remember anything Dad and I talked about. Yet, getting away, for even that little bit and sharing something special was a soothing balm for me. I think that my father and I both looked forward to those little oases, and as I thought of those times, I marveled that our Heavenly Father too gifted His children with special times of intimacy with Him, both prior to and after sin marred His world.

As I read in Genesis 3 this morning, I thought about the Creator of everything and how He initiated a special time of being together with His first two people. Unlike the world we live in now, they didn't have to get away from anything painful, fearful or shameful. The Lord simply had a time that was set aside for them to walk with Him. How precious that must have been! I know that I can't understand all that went on during those special times that Adam and Eve spent with the Lord, but simply knowing that He made that a part of their day, even when nothing was present to mar their existence is meaningful to me.

Fast forward to the time when the Creator/Redeemer walked once again, with His created ones on earth. Isn't it interesting that Jesus took His called-out ones aside to rest awhile, Mark 6:30-31? I wonder how many other sweet times of refreshing they shared? Occasions when they walked together, were in a boat or when they sat by the fire? Did they marvel at the beauty they saw around them, enjoying the awesome variety of all that had been created?? Even though the world was then, as it is now, so different than Eden. Yet, talking with the Master and beginning to know Him must have been a sweet experience for His disciples. They were experiencing every-day intimacy with the Savior, just as Adam and Eve did before their sin.

One more amazing and wondrous thing. The same One Who walked in the midst of Eden and the One Who walked with His disciples also wants to have special times with us. Yes, when we hurt and are confused, He is close, Psalm 34:18. Yes, when we sin and long to experience His cleansing and restoration, His Arms are open, Luke 15:20. Yet, there is even more. We can also know in part, what Eden must have been like. There are those occasions when we simply want to be with Him to share the day's happenings and enjoy His presence. We can enjoy simple fellowship with Him in the every-day. When we rock the baby. When we are hunting or fishing. When we keep our homes clean. Or, even when we enjoy a raspberry sundae. Surely, God is the One Who is the Giver of every good gift and the One Who has given us everything richly to enjoy, James 1:17;1 Timothy 6:17.

When we meet with Him in the every-day happenings of life, perhaps we receive a tiny glimpse of Eden, a foretaste of what He has prepared for us, Revelation 21-22.

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