Pastor Search Updates

The elders want to keep everyone updated with what is currently happening as we search for a new full-time pastor...

Quarterly Report – June 6, 2021

Pastor Search Team

Greg Foust – Team Leader


Following the reorganization of the Team in March, prompted by notification that Bill Howard and Simon Jamieson were stepping down as members of the team and the subsequent replacement appointments of Dallas Keiswetter and Greg Foust, the Team has formally met for four (4) meetings, along with numerous emails, texts, resume reviews, and prayers to move forward.


The Team reviewed the Evangelical Free Church of America Pastor Search tool for available candidates, which was updated in early April by District Superintendent Greg Fell.  The Team reviewed eight (8) candidates’ profiles, but narrowed the “pool” to four (4).  Ultimately, two (2) of the candidates were called by other congregations and the Team decided not to conduct telephone interviews with the other men.


Other resources for potential candidates were considered, including:

  • One candidate contacted the SHEFChurch Secretary, who passed along emailed documents of interest, qualifications, and references to the Team for review; this candidate was not considered by the Team to be suitable for SHEFChurch.

  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the Chicago IL area, where candidate resumes are posted on a website for us to review and/or download and print.  A total of twenty (20) resumes have been reviewed by the Team and invitations and a brief summary of SHEFChurch was sent to three (3) men; two (2) candidates responded that they were pursuing other opportunities and no response was received from the other candidate.

  • The Masters’ Seminary in the Los Angeles CA area was contacted for review of possible candidates for SHEFChurch; there was one (1) 2021 graduate that initially had interest, but later determined that he would not seek the position.  Another 2021 candidate was ultimately interviewed by the Search Team in May, followed by an Elder Team interview, but the candidate ultimately asked that his name be removed from consideration for the position.


The Elder Team has directed us to continue our search.  Please continue your prayers for the Pastor Search Team as the summer progresses and opportunities are evaluated.


Team Members: Greg Foust, Alan Krienke, Beth Maurer, Ken Tonsager, Shelby Happe, Dallas Keisweter